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Unity Public School
School Division No. 202


The June AR lunch winner was Dawson in Grade 5!  He chose lunch from the A&W. 

The following students earned milkshakes from Jelasco’s Family Restaurant by successfully completing AR quizzes and/or earning AR points:  Gr 1U – Tejasvi and Tatum; Gr 1Z – Chloe and Dryden;  Gr 2P – Tinsley and Alexis;  Grade 2/3 – Hailey and Zane;  Grade 2/3 – Maycie, Rowan, Brody, Kira and Ethan;  Grade 3S – Jenay, Lincoln and Megan;  Grade 4T – Skylar, Avery, Sydney and Isabelle;  Grade 4/5 -  Kadin F. and Lorrie; Grade 4/5 – Leo and Mateo; Grade 5 – Noah; Gr 6 – Jared, Jack, Camara, Morgan, Jerzy, Molly and Carter.  A sincere thank-you to Jelasco’s Family Restaurant for your support of our AR program! ​​

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