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St. Vital Catholic School
School Division No. 202

​Summer Literacy Camp

What is summer reading loss? Is it real? How can we prevent it? 
Summer reading loss is a very real thing and occurs when children are not exposing to literacy enough to remember the strategies. Statistics show that children who are not consistently practicing their litaracy skills can drop 1-4 reading levels by the beginning of the next school year. 
Our school divisions have put a camp in place to assist families in keeping their children involved in literacy games and activities while educating them at the same time. Our school divisions, both Light of Christ and Living Sky, hire univeristy-graduated teachers to run the camps to ensure the best possible education during these camps. The best part is it's free! Free registration, Free snacks, and every day the kids go home with free books to keep! Look below for the poster with camp sessions and the registration form! 
Check out our newsletters for any information and/or upcoming events in each month!

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