Our professional teaching staff this year (along with the homeroom where announcements are shared at the beginning of the day) are:

  • Mrs. Susan Fry (susan.fry@lskysd.ca)
    Principal, Spiritwood High
  • Ms​​. Sandy Emke-Kish (sandy.emke-kish@lskysd.ca)
  • Mrs. Paula Goller (paula.goller@lskysd.ca)
    Grade 7 homeroom
  • Mr. Deon Nordstrom (deon.nordstrom@lskysd.ca)
    Grade 7 homeroom
  • Mr. Jeff Tkachuk (jeffrey.tkachuk@lskysd.ca)
    Grade 8 homeroom
  • Mr. ​Richard Oles (richard.oles@lskysd.ca)
    Grade 9A homeroom​
  • Mr. Brad Nemish (bradley.nemish@lskysd.ca)
    Grade 9B homeroom​
  • Mr. Mark Corfield (mark.corfield@lskysd.ca)
    ​Grade 10A homeroom​
  • Mrs. Kirstin Buswell (kirstin.buswell@lskysd.ca)
    Grade​ 10B homeroom
  • Mr. Ryan Hackl (ryan.hackl@lskysd.ca)
    Grade 11A ho​meroom​
  • Mrs. Shannon MacFarlane (shannon.macfarlane@lskysd.ca)
    Grade 11B homeroom
  • Mrs. Judy Enns (judy.enns@lskysd.ca)
    Grade 12 homeroom
  • Mr. Kurtis Hamel (kurtis.hamel@lskysd.ca)
  • Mrs. Megan Nemish (megan.nemish@lskysd.ca)
    Student Services Teacher (SST)

Our valuable support staff include:

  • Mr​s. Wendy Brewer (wendy.brewer@lskysd.ca)
  • Mr​s. Nancy Caffet (nancy.caffet@lskysd.ca)
  • Mrs. Kendra Sanders (kendra.sanders@lskysd.ca)
  • Lifestyle Counselor / Liason Worker
  • Mrs. Coralie Wingerter (coralie.wingerter@lskysd.ca)
    Educa​tional Assistant
  • Mr​s. Amanda Balazsi (amanda.balazsi@lskysd.ca)
    Educa​tional Assistant​
  • Mr​s. Judy Mayo (judy.mayo@lskysd.ca)
    Educa​tional Assistant
  • Miss Ricki Wasden (ricki.wasden@lskysd.ca)
    Educa​tional Assistant
  • Mr​s. Laura Andres (laura.andres@lskysd.ca)
    Educa​tional Assistant
  • Mr​s. Janice Prefontaine (janice.prefontaine@lskysd.ca)
    Educa​tional Assistant

Our caretakers, who help keep our school maintained and clean, are:

  • Mr​s. Chrissy Cote (chrissy.cote@lskysd.ca)
    Caretaker (daytime)​
  • Mr. Larry McGill (larry.mcgill@lskysd.ca)
    Caretaker (evening)