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North Battleford Comprehensive
High School
Vision - Building Community Inspiring Success!
Living Sky School Division No. 202

​​​​The IB Programme began at NBCHS 30 years ago. Though the programme started out small, it has since grown into an established part of education at the North Battleford Comprehensive High School. NBCHS has certain goals, requirements and expectations for students entering into the IB Programme.

 Aims of the Programme

1. To equip the students with the means to make wise choices in dealing with the modern world.

2. To ensure that the students learns how to learn so that they may respond appropriately to the constant increase in information.

3. To ensure that students' education is broad enough to enhance awareness of other cultures and social responsibility.

4. To ensure the acquisition of specific skills necessary for higher education and future employment in an increasingly competitive world.

5. To create an awareness and understanding of the importance of international communication in an increasingly interdependent world.

 A student entering this programme should have a proven record of success in academic work as well as display a strong intellectual curiosity and desire to learn. The student should also be capable of independent study.

 Students at NBCHS have the opportunity to begin their ascent toward completing the IB program by first entering the enriched course offerings at the Grade 9 level. Grade Eight students must first apply during March of their Grade 8 year by submitting a registration form with a copy of their Grade 8 academic standing.

 It is also important to note that a student may still choose to take IB classes in their Grade 11 and 12 school years and not have been previously part of the 9-10 enriched program. It is encouraged that students take the challenge of the increased rigour the I.B. programme offers to increase their respective academic skill set and better prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities that will undoubtedly arise as they move through their respective lives.​​