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Luseland School
School Division No. 202


​​​​​Luseland Library

​This year’s Book Fair was another huge success!!  The winner of the “Guess the Wagon Wheels” was Alena in grade 2, the total number of wagon wheels was 514 and her guess was only 14 off, 500.  The winner of the “Guess the Gold Coins” was Evan in grade 2, the total number of Gold Coins was 44 and his guess was only 5 off, 39.  Congratulations Alena and Evan.  The winner of the Family Door Prize was Cody in grade 6.  He won $25 to spend at the book fair and so did his home room teacher, Mrs. Scheidt.  Congratulations to both of you.  Thank you to everyone who came out and supported this great event in our school!!​



Please explore and enjoy!  If you have questions please ask!!

Make sure you come check out your favorite book or a new book and keep up with your reading!!  


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