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Battleford Central School
School District No. 202
BCS 1896



After the siege of 1885 the school moved along with the town from the original site at the flats to Battleford's present location. The school was located at various sites in Battleford from 1886 to 1896.

According to the North-West Territories School Inspector's report for the School District of Battleford dated 1884, the town was in need of a new school. His report indicated that ". . . the school building is rather too small and somewhat untidy" and the ". . . outhouses too near together." Subsequent reports indicated the ". . . schoolhouse was fairly clean but it is too small for the number of pupils attending and the ventilation is very defective and requires immediate attention."

In 1896, at a cost of $1890 a new school was built in this school yard to accommodate fifty students. In 1903, the stairwell and second floor classroom were finished to accommodate an increasing student population. In 1907, an additional classroom was completed. Battleford and its schools were growing.

Walter R.C. Willis signed a one year contract in 1899 with the trustees of Battleford Protestant Public School District No. 71. His original contract stipulates a wage of $900 for the year. His students would have likely worked in desks like the one on display at the present BCS.

In 1913 this school was moved for use as a fire hall and police station making way for a much larger school.‚Äč