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BCS Sockhop is a Roaring Success

June 25, 2015

On the evening of Wednesday, June 10th, Battleford Central School held its first ever Sockhop and BBQ. The event was a culmination of two prior BCS Idol sessions, a take-off of the popular American Idol show. Previously in May, students from Kindergarten to Grade 7 performed songs for celebrity judges, including Nick Fransoo from Q98 FM and to a School Assembly and then moved on to perform during the Sockhop, accompanied by the school's House Band, The Red Alohas, who specialize in Beatles songs . The crowd was encouraged to come dressed in regalia of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and to participate in the dancing and other contests. The following talented students performed outdoors and on-stage, much to the crowd’s accolades: Morgan Germshied, Draydin Stone, Leighton Fiddler, Gordon Stone, Ethan Starchief, Reece Sommerfeld, Hudsyn Oxebin, Hayley Scherman, Brooke Bannerman, Abbigail Williams, Jecamie and Tristan Amos, Meredith and Hallie Wood, Alexis Baptiste, Haidyn Moccasin, Sarah Iverson, Carmella Gattinger, Amy Liebaert, Maya Huber, Chin Ha Youn and 3 numbers by the younger BCS Rock and Roll Glee Club. The performers were also joined on stage by one parent, Bobbi Kanz, and talented staff members: Mr. Ellis, Miss Foreman, Mrs. Quijada-Sawitsky and Mrs. Fransoo for a number or two.

Submitted by Mr. Brendan Legario (BCS Sockop Chairperson and Rock and Roll Club Director)