Brilliance Project: Inquiry Special Credit

Important Notes

  • This is a unique blended class: your school must must designate a teacher to supervise, mentor and assess the student(s) you wish to enrol.
  • A division-based mentor will also support and guide each student through teleconferences and email.
  • Both the student and the teacher are granted access to guided activities and  rubrics available online.
  • Living Sky teachers may request access to all inquiry resources posted in the Brilliance Project Blackboard classroom 

Course Description

If you are driven by curiosity and love the independence to set your own learning course, then the Brilliance Project is perfect for you. In this 100-hour course, you will have opportunity to earn a high school credit while exploring an area of interest. Tap into resources and people and design a way to communicate your new knowledge, skills or experiences.

  • Build your learning portfolio by enhancing your knowledge, skills and communication potential.
  • Guidance and mentorship are in place to assist you in planning and carrying out your project.
  • Technology support, software and hardware are available for your use.


  • variable, depending on topic chosen


  • Blended
  • Online
  • Asynchronous


  • Semester 1
  • Semester 2
  • Full Year / Non-Semestered
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