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 What is the Hub?
A two-tiered, integrated multi-agency team, building safer and healthier communities, reducing crime and victimization; accomplished through the mobilizationof resources to address individuals/families with acutely elevated levels of risk as recognized across a range of service providers, a broader focus on long-term community goals and initiatives and possible systemic recommendations arrived at via experience, research and analysis.

How does a family or individual get referred to the hub?
Individuals/Families are referred to the hub by any of the agencies seated at the hub table.  Once a referral is accepted at the hub table, the involved agencies will meet with the family to help establish supports.  All hub table representatives have taken the Building Partnerships to Reduce Crime modules to ensure that they understand and keep individuals privacy at the forefront. 

How do I make a referral to the hub? 
If you would like to refer to the hub table, your administrator should fill out a HUB referral and contact Nancy Schultz, Superintendent of Learning.