Student Services

Superintendent of Student Services

Nancy Schultz

Telephone: (306) 937-7923

Department Overview:

Student Services leads and facilitates instructional, learning and behavioural supports and services for students with diverse and/or intensive needs in order to see that all learners reach their full potential.
Student Services:
  • Referrals, Placements, and Programs for Students with Intensive and Diverse Needs
  • Inclusion and Intervention Plans
  • Alternate Programs
  • Transitions Into and Through School
  • Inclusionary Practices
  • Designation and Funding of Students with Intensive Needs
  • Assistive Technology
Education Sector Strategic Plan:
  • At Grade Levelor Above in Reading and Writing and Mathematics
  • VTRA (First Contact)
  • RTI - Tier 3 Interventions
Additional Leadership Areas:
  • English as an Additional Language
  • Partner Agencies
Human Resources:
  • Staff Hiring, Supervision and Evaluation
  • Professional Development