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Board of Education

The Living Sky School Division Board of Education is governed by ten members. The first board was elected in June 2005. Six board members represent rural areas in sub-divisions one through six, one member is from the Town of Battleford and three members are elected from the City of North Battleford. The Board of Education represents the public as elected officials and are responsible for the direction of the school division.

Public School Education

Public school education does more than educate students - it also acts as a working model of civil society, and helps to create, sustain, and improve our communities. Public school education is inclusive, from the classroom to the boardroom to the voting booth. Public school education is barrier-free, respectful of every student, every worker, and every citizen.

In the Public School System, our brand is focused on a defining vision that guides most of our actions:
We produce strong citizens. We do so by shaping the minds and hearts of our students through the excellence and relevance of their education experience; by preparing them to be educated, capable and open-minded.