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Mission, Vision, Guiding Values and Beliefs

Mission Statement
Shaping Our Future Through Thoughtful Schools
Thoughtful schools are schools where students and staff focus on learning:
commitment to academic learning
learning to respect people and property
learning to become full contributing members of society
celebrating success
Vision Statement
Growth Without Limits, Learning For All
It is a statement that represents an environment where staff and students flourish.
It is what Living Sky School Division looks like when we follow our belief system.
Guiding Values and Beliefs
Living Sky School Division adheres to the following values:
  • Care
  • Commitment
  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Mutual Respect
  • Trust
  • Transparency
We believe:
  • Student learning is priority number one.
  • Students learn and staff work best in caring, respectful environments.
  • In relevant, responsive, results oriented curriculum.
  • Collaborative, authentic partnerships build strength.
  • Our organization is accountable to students, parents, community.
  • In prevention and early intervention.
  • Our organization strengthens through shared leadership.