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Living Sky School Division No. 202
Growth Without Limits, Learning For All
School Division No. 202
2014 Elementary Basketball League General Information
1. Games will begin @ 4:00 pm as per schedule.
2. Teams are asked to wear numbered jerseys.  (Use tape to create numbers if needed.)
3. Home team is asked to phone, fax, or email results of games to Eric Cawood.  Phone:(306) 937-2233,
Fax: (306) 937-7666, Email:
4. Official basketball rules will apply except for the following modifications:
a) Size 6 basketball is used.
b) Game is divided into four 12-minute quarters (straight time) with a 2-minute rest interval between quarters and a 4-minute rest interval at half time.  Time-outs stop the clock and the last 2 minutes of the game are stop time.  For playoffs, games will be shortened to 10-minute quarters (straight time) with the same rest intervals and stop time during the final two minutes of the game.
c) If a game is tied at the end of regulation, there will be a 5-minute overtime period where last 2 minutes are stop time.  Each team will be granted one time-out for each overtime period played.
d) Teams must play man-to-man defense (zone defense is prohibited).  Refs will issue a warning to players and coaches if they see a zone defense and will then begin to issue technical fouls.  Players must be on the half of the key closest to their man when the ball is outside of the 3-point line.  Man to man defense must occur, but help side defense is also allowed.
e) All technical fouls will result in 2 free throws and possession from half court for the opposing team.  Players are ejected from the game if they receive 2 flagrant or technical fouls in a game, but officials have the right to eject a player immediately if a serious flagrant foul is committed.
f) Each team is allowed two time-outs per half.  (This is a change from one time-out per quarter.)
g) To reduce jump balls, alternating possession will be granted with the use of a possession arrow.
h) Bonus rule—On the 8th team foul of the half, 2 free throws will be awarded for any defensive infraction.  A team in bonus will remain in bonus in any overtime.
i) The first two games of the season, half-court/full-court pressure is to be agreed upon by opposing coaches and then relayed to the officials prior to tip-off.  For the remaining games and for the tournament, full-court pressure is allowed without coaches agreeing.
j) The “mercy rule” is still in effect.  Teams up by more than 25 points must call off any full-court defense.  After scoring, teams must retreat to half to defend.
All players should have the opportunity to compete, which will help ensure fair play and sportsmanship.  Respect for the officials, opposing coaches and players is mandatory.
Any queries, call Eric Cawood @ work: (306) 937-2233 or home: (306) 445-5557.