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Living Sky School Division No. 202
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School Division No. 202
Latest Reading
Daniel, Pink.  Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us.  New York: Riverhdrive.pngead Press, 2009.
Quotes and segments to picque your curiousity:
  • “Nobody was expecting rewards would have a negative effect.”
  • It is 1996 and you must predict which of the new encyclopedias (one just out, the other to be launched in a few years) will be more successful in 2011.  Choice 1: Microsoft CD Rom & Online Encyclopedia written by professional writers and editors.  Choice 2: an encylopedia created by a company and written by thousands of people who don’t have any special qualifications and who create entries free of charge.  The encyclopedia will be online and will be free!  What did the economists predict?  We know what happened!  (the conventional view of human motivation has a hard time explaining the result)
  • Motivation 2.0 or Type X behaviour is fueled more by extrinsic desires than intrinsic ones.  It is less concerned with intrinsic satisfaction of an activity and more with the external rewards that an activity can bring. 
  • Motivation 3.o or Type I behaviour is fueled more by intrinsic desires than extrinsic ones.  The incentive to continue an activity is derived from the inherent satisfation it brings.  The main motivators are freedom, challenge, and purpose of the activity.
  • “Type I’s almost always outperform Type X’s”
  • “Type I behaviour promotes greater physical and mental well-being.”
  • 21st Century Thinking on Human Motivation is grounded in 3 elements:  Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose
  • “We’re designed to be active & engaged.  And we know that the richest experiences in our lives aren’t when we’re clamoring for validation from others, but whern we’re listening to our own voice-doing something that matters, doing it well, and doing it in the service of a cause larger than ourselves.”