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Living Sky School Division No. 202
Growth Without Limits, Learning For All
School Division No. 202
General Information

2015 EAL Newsletter

2014 EAL Newsletter

2012 EAL Newsletter

Adaptations for English Language Learners

Handbook for Recent Immigrants

Low Literacy Learner Workshop - January

Handout Day 1

Low Literacy Learner Workshop - March

Handout Day 2


Vocabulary Journal


Please contact your superintendent if you would like to use a CFR toolkit.  There are several versions available.

A Guide to using the Common Framework of Reference with Learners of English as an Additional Language

CFR Global Descriptors for Elementary

CFR Global Descriptors for Middle Years

EAL Writing Rubrics and Student Exemplars

EAL Reading Rubrics and Student Examplars

Additional Resources available from EAL, Immigration and Languages on Sask Education edonline

Curriculum Supports


Hands-On Learning Kits

Please contact your superintendent for details.  Each kit can be signed out for four weeks. Topics include:


Community Helpers




Helath and Wellness


Working with Numbers

Helpful Apps for Students and Interesting Sites

Colorin Colorado - Great information, resources and videos for any grade level

Making Good Financial Choices - read aloud books

Education Place - working with words

Vocabulary Games

Starfall - elementary

The Language of Mathematics

Refugee Information

Caring for Syrian Refugee Children

Teaching Refugees

Population Profile: Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugee Profile Update

Arabic Documents - please contact me for copies

Educational Background Profiles

Refugees from Syria