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Living Sky School Division No. 202
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School Division No. 202
Portfolio Information

A career portfolio is a visual representation of who you are.  It highlights your skills, abilities, knowledge and talents.  It can be used not only as part of a job interview, college admissions interview, scholarship application or school leadership position, but as a self-reflection piece that shows the progress and growth you have made through your efforts and hard work.

Portfolio Grade 9 Newsletter.docx

Building a Personal and Career Portfolio.pdf

How to Get the Most From Your Portfolio.pdf

Guide to Writing Portfolios.doc

Important Forms

Please be sure all forms are completed and stored at the school before students attend work experiences/shadows.

Job Shadow Agreement.pdf

Job Shadow Business Participation.pdf

Job Shadow Reporting.pdf

Sample Job Shadow Fax.pdf

Sample Job Shadow Letter.pdf

Work Education Agreement.pdf

Workbased Learning Consent and Waiver of Liability Form 05 14 2014-2.doc

Business Thank You Certificate.docx

Grade 12 Timeline

Grade 12 Time-Line 2016-7.docx 

Scholarship Information

General Scholarship List
Education Enhancement Award
Our Lady of the Prairies Scholarship Application

Student Financial Assistance - Government

LSKY Career Blog

LSKY Career Guidance Blog - upcoming events, scholarships, contests, open houses and more!

Transcript Information

How to get a Transcript

Financial Literacy

Finance in the Classroom

Make It Count