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Link to vis​ible thinking strategies website:  visible thinking

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F & P Writing Continuum documents:​

F and P gr 1 to 3 write about reading.docx

F and P gr 1 to 3 new skills purpose, genre and craft .docx

F and P gr 1 to 3 new skills writing conventions.docx

​​F and P gr 4 to 8 new skills purpose genre craft.docx

F and P gr 4 to 8 new skills writing conventions .docx

F and P writing purpose, genre and craft continuum gr 1-8 complete.docx

F and P writing purpose, genre and craft new skills continuum gr 1-8.docx

Word work continuum new skills by level.docx

 Activity 1 Historical significance.docxBattleford Belegeaguered.pdf

Activity 2 Cause and Consequence.docx  Clake thesis conclusion.pdf

Activity 3 Writing task.docx  Historical thinking concepts Waiser excerpt.docx

Informational writing Look fors for process day.docx


Writer's workshop

Writers workshop planning template .docx

​​ writers workshop writing invitations template.docx

Text forms.docx

How to Create a booklet or book in Word.docx


Connecting the EET to literature template.docx

 connecting comp and tech.jpg

Annotate thinking digitally.pdf

Narrate thinking with podcasts.pdf

Link to visible thinking strategies website:  visible thinking

Link to BC literacy mentor text lessons:  bc literacy resources​  

Visual vocabulary process:  visual vocabulary.pptx

Writers workshop power point: writers workshop .pptx 

fountas-pinnell logo.png  F & P Writing Skills continuum Pre-K - 8 pdf file:

Fountas and Pinnell Continuum of Literacy Learning Writing Pre-K to 8.pdf

Writers workshop mini lessons primary grades Lucy Calkins:

Writers workshop mini lessons Lucy Calkins.pdf



a pomise is a promise.jpgGrade 1 ELA, Treaty Ed, Arts Ed, Health

writers workshop A Promise is a Promise.docx 

Writing pics and prompts a promise is a promise.docx

giving tree.jpg Grade 2 ELA, Treaty Ed, Arts Ed

writers workshop The Giving Tree.docx

Writing pics and prompts the giving tree.docx

 small goldfish.jpg Grades 1-2 ELA, Gr 1 Life Science, Gr 1 Social Studies

writers workshop memoirs of a goldfish.docx

Pics and Prompts memoirs of a goldfish.docx

when I was eight.jpgGrade 3 ELA / Treaty Ed

Memoir writers workshop When I was eight.docx

writers workshop writing invitations When I was eight.docx

pics and prompts when I was eight.docx

the conquerors.jpg Grade 4 Drama / ELA/Treaty Ed/Social Studies

Conquerors Unit plan: The Conquerors Gr 4 unit updated oct 2016.docx

Parable writers workshop The Conquerors.docx

wild ideas.jpg Grade 4 ELA / Treaty Ed /Science

Non-fiction Writers workshop wild ideas step inside.docx

fatty legs.jpg Grade 5 ELA / Treaty ed

Memoir  writers workshop Fatty Legs.docx

Note:  Grade 6 writing workshop package above contains See, Think, Wonder and Read Like a Writer activities for Fatty Legs.



writers workshop planning - Grade 4 Science B Hargreaves.docx 


From The Literacy Playbooks (K-2) and (3-6)


Informational writing Look Fors 1-2 serravallo.docx

Informational writing Look Fors 3 -6 serravallo.docx

informational writing Look Fors grade 9.docx

 Informational writing Look Fors grade 12 .docx

Opinion writing Look Fors 1-2 serravallo.docx

Opinion writing Look Fors 3-6 serravallo.docx

opinion writing Look fors grade 9.docx

Personal MemoirNarrative Look Fors 1-2 serravallo .docx

Personal MemoirNarrative Look Fors 3-6 serravallo.docx

Personal Memoir narrative grade 9.docx

Stevenson Traits continuum:

K to 5 Writing skills continuum using the six traits final docx.docx