​Understanding by Design - Template & Samples​


UbD full-day workshop 2016.pptx

Gelleta Sustainability of Ecosystems UbD Unit Plan.docx

UbD - Math Unit 1- Patterns and Equations.docx

Arts Education Units, recommended resources with Ministry of Education

Visual Art grade 6 symbolism6_revisedJuly13.pdf

Dance & Poetry grade 7 dance7revised_July13.pdf

African Drumming grade 7 drumming7_revisedJuly 13.pdf

Drama and Mask grade 8 8drama-revisedJuly13.pdf

Integrated Arts, social issues grade 8 integrated8_revised.pdf

Visual Art grade 9 Art9revised July 13.pdf

Theatre introduction grade 9 drama9_revised July13.pdf

Integrated Arts Ed unit, taking action grade 9 integrated9_revised July 13.pdf

​Kindergarten - Dance & Math KindergartenDanceandMath.pdf
Grade 3 - Dance with Brain DanceDancegrade3braindanceunit.pdf
Grade 4 - Dance & ScienceDanceSciencegr4unit.pdf
Grade 4 - Treaty Ed & Arts Ed TreatyEdArtsEdgr4.pdf