Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Science 4​


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Science 4
SCI.HC4.1 Explore how plants and animals are interconnected in our world.
SCI.HC4.2 Compare plant and animal adaptations that help them survive.
SCI.HC4.3 Evaluate the impact of activities on habitats and suggest alternatives.
SCI.LI4.1 Investigate o the properties natural and artificial light.
SCI.LI4.2 Examine how shadows, reflections, refractions, and dispersions are made.
SCI.LI4.3 Evaluate the impact that light-related technology has on our lives.
SCI.SO4.1 Examine sources of sound and how animals and humans interpret them.
SCI.SO4.2 Make judgements about properties of sound based on observation
SCI.SO4.3 Assess the impact of sound related technology on our lives.
SCI.RM4.1 Examine the characteristics of rocks and minerals.
SCI.RM4.2 Decide the impact of our uses of rocks and minerals on Saskatchewan.
SCI.RM4.3 Relate weathering, erosion, and fossils to our knowledge of landforms on Earth.