​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 3 Physical Education


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 3 Physical Education
PE3.1 Understand & be able to apply strategies of health-related fitness.
PE3.2 Evaluate the role particpation in movement activities has for enjoyment & active living.
PE3.3 Express & apply a variety of ways to skillfully move the body through space.
PE3.4 Explore, express and apply non-locomotor skills to move the body on a spot.
PE3.5 Explore, express, & apply ways to move objects while participating in movement activities.
PE3.6Apply movement variables to increase complex skills & sequences in body management activities.
PE3.7 Select & use effective movement skills, tactics, and strategies while participating in games.
PE3.8Demonstrate positive interactions with others in cooperative & competitive movement activities.
PE3.9 Evaluate risk factors & apply safe practices while participating in movement activities.
PE3.10 Demonstrate, verbally and non-verbally, respect for others while participating in activities.