​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 2 Science


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 2 Science
SCI.AN2.1 Analyze the growth and development of familiar animals during their life cycles.
SCI.AN2.2 Compare the growth & development of humans with that of familiar animals.
SCI.AN2.3 Assess the mutual dependence of humans and animals in different environments.
SCI.LS2.1 Investigate the properties of familiar liquids & solids.
SCI.LS2.2Investigate interactions between liquids &solids &technologies based on those interactions.
SCI.MP2.1 Analyze methods of determining the position of objects relative to other objects.
SCI.MP2.2 Examine factors which affect the motion of natural & constructed objects, including self.
SCI.AW2.1 Investigate properties of air and water within their environment.
SCI.AW2.2 Assess the importance of air & water for the health and survival of living things.