​Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Curriculum Documents - Grade 2 Arts Education


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 2 Arts Education
AED.CP2.1 Create & connect dance phrases using ideas about community.
AED.CP2.2 Create and connect dance phrases using the elements of dance.
AED.CP2.3 Adopt roles &collaborate in role within dramatic contexts using community as inspiration.
AED.CP2.4 Contribute ideas when engaged in a variety of drama strategies.
AED.CP2.5 Create sound compositions using communities as an inspiration.
AED.CP2.6 Create and perform music that demonstrate an understanding of musical principals.
AED.CP2.7 Create visual art works that draw on observations & express ideas about own communities.
AED.CP2.8 Create art works using a variety of visual art concepts, forms & media.
AED.CR2.1Examine art works to see how ideas for arts expressions may come from an artist's community
AED.CR2.2 Use inquiry & technology to investigate a variety of arts expressions.
AED.CH2.1 Identify key features or arts & cultural traditions in own community.
AED.CH2.2 Describe key features of traditional arts expressions of Saskatchewan FNM artists.