​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 1 Social Studies


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 1 Social Studies
SOC.IN1.1 Describe the diversity of traditions, celebrations, or stories in the classroom & school.
SOC.IN1.2 Discuss & explain cultural diversity in family & classroom.
SOC.IN1.3 Assess ways in which relationships help to meet human needs.
SOC.DR1.1Relate family events&stories of the past to the student's place in present day family life.
SOC.DR1.2Describe kinship patterns of the past &present &describe according to traditional teachings
SOC.DR1.3 Show how humans rely on the environment  & location to meet needs & wants.
SOC.DR1.4 Recognize globes &maps represent the surface of the Earth &distinguish land &water masses.
SOC.DR1.5 Identify &represent the orientation in space &time of  places & events in students' lives.
SOC.PA1.1 Analyze practices at home &school that support harmony, including rules & decision-making.
SOC.PA1.2 Analyze the causes of disharmony and ways of returning to harmony.
SOC.RW1.1Tell how physical, spiritual, emotional&intellectual needs/wants affect personal well-being
SOC.RW1.2Discuss ways in which work may be managed and distributed in families, schools, and groups.