Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 1 Arts Ed


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 1 Arts Ed
AED.CP1.1 Create movement & movement patterns in response to stories, poems, music or objects.
AED.CP1.2 Create short dance phrases using the elements of dance.
AED.CP1.3 Enter into the make believe story of a drama.
AED.CP1.4 Use language, images and other ways to represent ideas in & out of a dramatic role.
AED.CP1.5 Create music expression &contribute to decisions about ideas, sounds, instruments & order.
AED.CP1.6 Demonstrate an understanding of patterns and elements of music.
AED.CP1.7 Investigate formal & informal patterns in art & the environment & apply to personal work.
AED.CP1.8 Create art works that express personal ideas and explore different art form and media.
AED.CR1.1 Demonstrate an understanding that the arts are a way of expressing ideas.
AED.CR1.2 Investigate & describe various reasons for creating arts expressions.
AED.CH1.1 Describe the arts & cultural traditions found in own home & school community.
AED.CH1.2 Identify traditional arts expressions of First Nations and Métis Artists.