​​Junior Warrior Badminton

Junior badminton has a league for grade 8 and 9 students and a chance for grade 7 students to practice and play games. Students will practice and then play in girl's singles, boy's singles, boy's doubles, girl's doubles or mixed doubles team for league. The season runs from March to May. For more information see:  Mrs. Snell or Ms. Van De Meutter! 

Senior Warrior Badminton

You will not find Senior Warrior Badminton played at the picnic ground over a net strung between two trees.  Nor will you be flipping burgers between the first and second game.  It is consists of two practices per week along with exhibition games and usually about 5 tournaments.  UCHS has developed a high level of competitive play from its Grade 10-12 participants over the past few seasons.  While the new Grade 10 players experience a steep learning curve in early March, by season's end in May even our newest players are competing for a district medal.  For more information see:  Mr. Parker!