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St. Vital Catholic School
School Division No. 202
Ms. Jordan


What time is it? 
I don't know! 
Do you tell time? 
'Cuz I sure don't. 
End of grade 1
So much to learn
We're telling time, 
There's none left to burn. 
Little hand comes first, 
So look at the clock. 
Then the big hand... 
it's 2 o'clock! 
grade 1 telling time 2.jpg 
grade 1 telling time 1.jpg 
grade 1 telling time.jpg 
May is gone and June is here.
What is left for them to hear?
Plants and animals,
living or non?
I can't believe this year is nearly gone!

apple books1.jpg 

We've learnt 7 traits for a living thing, 

can you tell me what they've been? 

Breathing, eating, pooping, and growth, 

reproduing, moving and reacting are those! 

Apples were a tricky one, 

are living or are they done? 

When on a tree they have 7 traits, 

once they're picked, food is their fate. 

apple books2.jpg 

We learn about health and it is great, 

We love when Jessica helps us meditate! 

Zones of Regulation are important in life, 

The colours help us deal with strife. 

Blue, green, yellow, then there's red, 

tample tapping helps us calm down for bed. 


The grade 1s were very excited to meet Mr. Chartier's sheep today! We discussed Easter, spring, and where wool comes from in order to prepare for out little visit! We were lucky that they were hungry and got to feed them!

petting goats.jpg 

petting goats1.jpg 

petting goats4.jpg 

petting goats3.jpg 

petting goats5.jpg 

We just finished our Storytelling Unit and are now working our way through our Where In The World Unit! We are learning about maps, globes, directions, instructions, Canada, our communities and so much more. The Easter Break is quickly approaching and when we return we will be exploring the wonders of living and non-living things in our final unit of the year!

In math we are wrapping up our Estimation and Word Problem Unit and will be learning about ADDING & SUBTRACTING after the break! We will also focus on telling time and measurement!

We have SO MUCH to learn! Stay tuned! ​


grade 1 2.jpg 


grade 1.jpg 

gr1 houses2.jpg