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St. Vital Catholic School
School Division No. 202
Ms. Jordan

​​​​​​​​WELCOME  TO  GRADE  1 and 2!

Novel Study - Magic Treehouse #1: Dinosaurs Before Dark

The grade 1/2 class is halfway through their novel study. They are listening to a chapter a day and predicting what will happen next! Right now Annie and Jack have gone back in time 65 million years ago and have made friends with a Pteranodon!!! What will happen next???? 
novel study.jpg

novel study1.jpg

The Day The Crayons Quit

I read the book "The Day the Crayons Quit" by Drew Daywalt. The book is about crayons writing letters to a boy informing him of their reasons for quitting. I changed the letter openings to use student names from our class according to what I know about them; blue is Syndey's favourite colour, Sara never uses and dislikes pink, Jordon loves John Deere and always uses his green, and Nigel loves whales and sharks so he always uses his grey. I know that Jackson likes to colour fast and is sometimes out of the lines - he got purple crayon page. Cash always uses his white crayon to colour overtop other colours, Klara outlines all her work with black to make it look neat, and Zoey loves bright colours so I gave her beige. Luke loses a lot of his crayons so he was the lonely lost peach crayon page.

advent crayons quit.jpg 

I pretended the crayons were quitting on our class because the kids were not colouring nicely with them and they were breaking them. I placed broken crayon pieces around the room and the kids were is shock when they saw them! They couldn't believe that their crayons were so upset and wanted to run away! The kids were franticly asking to check their pencil cases and feared they'd have no crayons left! Liam stood up and said, "Please let me stop them! My mom said I can't lose anymore stuff!!" It was hard to not laugh. 


We then discussed how we were going to better use our crayons. They wanted to colour something so they could PROVE they were responsible enough to take care of their crayons! I showed them the advent wreath colouring page and the colours the wreath is supposed to be. This is our opening lesson for our discussions on advent for next week (Grade 2's have already done advent in sacramental prep this week).



This is some of the best colouring I have seen some of these students do! When they retrieved their pencil cases they immediately searched for their colour from the book and made sure to set it aside so they could use it or give it a much needed colouring break. Some of them held the crayons in their hands and whispered they loved them or that they are glad they didn't run away. Corbin and Mia both scolded their crayons and told them that they should behave and not run away because they were scared for them (also was hard not to laugh). They were so focused and so excited to use their crayons that they paid attention to every detail! Colouring will never be the same :)

Please don't tell them my secret! They still think they crayons are alive! ​​​​​

Sacramental Prep


Kindergarten and Miss Jordan's 1/2 class learnt about jobs, roles, and responsibilities in our community. 


Police are here,

they protect us.

We need community workers, 

whether its for the school or the bus. 

Council members and doctors, 

firefighters, and lawyers. 

bus drivers, street cleaners, 

nurses, farmers, and teachers. 

We've met a few, 

wish we could meet them all. ​

Thanks for all that you do, 

if we need you we'll call!




Nov. 22

Grade ones and twos are learning about roles and responsibilities in the community compared to their homes. How jobs are allocated, how decisions are made, and how problems are solved. 

community week.jpg 

Literacy- Bossy E is here! 










Grade 1 & 2 are fun, 

this we know. ​

We learn to count,

we read, and grow.

grade 1 2.jpg 

On the floor we lie

We meditate

We do deep breaths  

to self regulate. 

animal teeth.jpg

​This year in grade 1/2 we are using a new program called Jolly phonics. Jolly Phonics is a literacy program that is implemented all across the United Kingdom at the Pre-K level. Children in the UK, ages 3 and 4, are reading and writing with great accuracy at the end of the program. After training sessions and workshops I feel that we are prepared to bring this program to our school! 

jolly phonics.jpg 

jolly phonics1.jpg 

We are also learning about our bodies (our 5 senses, where our organs are), and how to skip count. 

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hallway work2.jpg 

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animal teeth.jpg