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Norman Carter Elementary School
School Division No. 202

​​SchoolConnects Emergency Messaging system

We have sent out our last test emergency message and have confirmed that every family will receive an emergency message if needed by either phone call home, email or text messaging (if subscribed).  This system will be used as a quick and effective communication tool in case of an emergency to notify all parents as quickly as possible.  If you wish to receive a text message and have not yet subscribed, you can do so at anytime, by simply texting the word "join" to 56360.  If you have any trouble with this, please contact the school.​

Staff Meetings and Assemblies

Each month, staff at Norman Carter meets on the first Kindergarten day of the month after school for a staff meeting.  We then follow that up with an assembly for all students, staff and any parents or community members who wish to join us at 8:55am or 1:00pm on the next Kindergarten day.  These assemblies usually take about 20 to 30 minutes, and gives us a chance to all get together to celebrate student achievements, share news about coming events and activities and promote positivity within our school.  Our January assembly will take place on Friday, January 6 in the gym at 1:00pm.  Please watch the monthly calendars for specific dates of our assemblies, and we hope you are able to join us!​


Living Sky School Division uses a student information system called SchoolLogic to keep track of student demographic information.  As a part of that, parents can access the HomeLogic system, a parent portal to see such information as attendance history and marks/grades in the various subjects.  You can access the system using the link at the top of the school website.  You must register within the system to have access to your child's learning records.  You can also have your child access the system for you by getting them to enter their school computer user name and password just like they would at school.  Instructions are available for parents to register for HomeLogic by clicking on the Instructions Link here.​

2017-2018 Supply Lists
Kindergarten.pdf;Grade 1.pdf; Grade 2.pdf; Grade 3.pdf; Grade 4.pdf; Grade 5.pdf ; Grade 6.pdf