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Norman Carter Elementary School
School Division No. 202

​P.A.C.T., which is short for Parents Assisting Classroom Teachers, started back in 1997 at our school.  A group of dedicated parents and/or grandparents meet to volunteer their time to prepare delicious lunches and holiday dinners for our students, as well as organize the Mom’s Pantry fundraiser.  If you wish to be a part of this great group of volunteers, an information sheet and volunteer form are attached to this newsletter.  Please fill out the form and return to the school by Tuesday, September 10th.  All parents and even grandparents are invited to help out any way they can.  All the help is greatly appreciated by the students and staff of our school.

An organizational meeting will be held sometime during September, but the exact date has not been set yet with families busy with harvest.   PACT members will be notified by email/text or notes home with your child, of upcoming dates or information.

PACT Volunteer Form.pdf

PACT Mission Statement

PACT is a group of Norman Carter family members who join hands together for a common purpose of providing our children with alternate lunches, volunteered services and any extra care that is required of us to meet the needs of the staff and student body. Our ultimate goal is to benefit ALL the students and staff at Norman Carter School.
The group consists of parents, guardians and grandparents. We have meetings in the school about 2-3 times per year. Depending on how many volunteers register to help will determine how many hot lunches will be provided. If we get enough volunteers for 3 groups we would provide 2 hot meals per month. You would then only have to help out every 3rd month with the preparation and serving of the meal. If we only have 2 groups then 1 hot meal per month would be provided so you would be asked to help out ever 2nd month. If you are unable to come into the school to help prepare the meals we also need volunteers to make dessert from home.
We do one fundraising project that consists of selling Mom's Pantry. The students sell the products and the PACT group comes into the school to distribute the orders. The distribution date is in the month of November. The fundraiser is very successful and important to our school. It is something our group is very proud of.
If you would like to become a volunteer to help us out in any way you can we would really appreciate your time. Please check off what you would be interested in helping out with and send this form back to the school with your child by Friday Sept 4th.

Come into the school and help prepare lunch (2-3 hours)
Serve Lunch (30 minutes)
Make dessert at home
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