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Norman Carter Elementary School
School Division No. 202

Grades 3 - 6:

Parents are reminded that students can be expected to be assigned homework on a regular basis. Demands on homework vary according to the grade level and providing that students don’t allow their work to build; most can be done overnight or in a reasonable assigned amount of time. This work is to be completed on time and with due care and diligence. Students who forget, lose, fail to complete, leave homework at home or school are not fulfilling their duties as students. In an attempt to properly prepare students for the future in the area of responsibility, the following will apply for homework problems:

1. First and second time – warnings
2. Loss of recess – classroom detention
3. Teacher phones parents – classroom detention – noon hour (all work completed for next day)
4. Teacher/ parent interview – homework time made up after school
5. Meeting with parents and administrator​