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Norman Carter Elementary School
School Division No. 202
Health/Medication Policy

If a student is sick, then the student should stay in the comforts of their own home. An ill student has great difficulty in concentrating on studying or doing school activities. Also, an ill student can spread germs. Please notify the school if your child has a serious illness.

If a student becomes ill at school, the parents will be notified.

If a student has a slight cold or injury, a note is needed for the student to stay in at recess and noon.


Rather than parents sending medicine to school, we ask that you come to the school and administer the medication yourself. Teachers will not be held responsible for administering medicine. If this is not possible, then a willing staff member can make arrangements with the Principal for the administration of medicine. This will require parents to sign a release form at the school, which will be kept on file for the duration that the medications need to be administered.​