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Norman Carter Elementary School
School Division No. 202

Violation of the following will be considered a minor offence
1. Loitering, noise or running in the hallway.
2. Not ready for instruction.
3. Noncompliant to authority (attitude/gestures).
4. Playground behavior (play fighting, riding bikes, not cooperating, playing outside of the school grounds, etc.).
5. Name calling and teasing.

Teachers will record the following minor offences.
1. Tardiness.
2. Possession of inappropriate items.
3. Improper use of facilities and equipment.
4. Not respecting private property.
5. Being untruthful.


Violation of the following will be considered a major offence.
1. Use of improper or profane language/gestures.
2. Willful destruction of property/stealing.
3. Use of inappropriate items.
4. Fighting or physical abuse.
5. Cheating.
6. Defiance of authority.

1. First offence, the teacher talks to student – warning given, time out – behavior may be recorded.

2. If offence is repeated, the teacher has a student/teacher conference, behavior recorded by the teacher and privileges may be lost.

3. For repeated offence, behavior is recorded. The teacher arranges a student/teacher/parent conference. Administration is notified. Student is warned that the next step is in-school suspension or after school detention. Privileges will be lost.

4. For repeated offence, behavior is recorded. The teacher notifies the parent that the student has an in-school suspension (1/2 to one full day). Administration is notified and the Administrator talks to the student.

5. For repeated offence, the behavior is recorded and student is talked to by the Administration. A major in-school suspension or out-of-school suspension will be given by Administration. Counseling is encouraged. Parents notified/conference. Registered letter to parent and Superintendent.

6. After a period of two months, a recorded offence will be disregarded.

7. Students have a right to be in school, but it should also be considered a privilege. If students abuse the privilege, then the most logical consequence is to progressively lose the privilege.

8. Suspension only occurs after a student has chosen to misbehave!​