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Norman Carter Elementary School
School Division No. 202

We would like to inform all families, that if your child(ren) is/are going to be absent from school for any particular reason, you are required to write a note in their agenda book, phone or email the school.  If your child is absent from school anytime during the school day, and no staff have been informed as to the reason, the school office will phone home, or the parents work or cell phone if no one answers at home .  These calls will be made as quickly as possible when attendance has been taken after 9 a.m. or 1 p.m., or when a child has left the school during school hours without permission.  This is a safety precaution for the school and the parents ensure that everyone is accounted for.  Parents may leave a message on the school voice mail or email the school at if it is outside of regular office hours.  Students also need parent and staff permission to leave the school at noon hours if they stay regularly for lunch.   ‚Äč