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Norman Carter Elementary School
School Division No. 202

​​​History of Norman Carter

​Norman Carter School was built in 1961, in memory of a highly respected pioneer who for many years was publisher and editor of the Wilkie Press. The school started out with students from Grade 5 to 8. In 1966, Norman Carter became a Division I and II school, teaching Grades 1 to 6 inclusive. In 1971, a resource center and an open area were added on to the existing building. In 1982, Norman Carter School added on a beautiful gymnasium, a developmental center, new office space, a resource space and a spacious library. 

The first principal of Norman Carter was Mr. Nev Robson, who also was the principal of McLurg. This arrangement continued for several years until the Board saw fit to appoint Mr. Don Morrison, Principal and Mr. James Waldner, Vice Principal. Mr. Morrison retired in 1972, and Mr. James Waldner was appointed principal. Mr. Waldner retired in 1991, and Mr. Don Remizowski took over the principalship in August of 1991. In the fall of 1997, Don Remizowski resigned as principal and Mr. Gary Boechler took over the principalship as of August, 1997. Mr. Boechler served in this position until his appointment to the principalship of McLurg in 1999. Mr. Brian Hargreaves took over the principalship in August, 1999. In the fall of 2003, Mr. Kevin Stene became Principal, with the departure of Mr. Hargreaves to a consulting job within the Division. In June 2010, Mr. Kevin Stene moved to Nipawin to become Vice-Principal of Wagner School in Nipawin.  In the fall of 2010, Mrs. Shannon Ochs became Principal, and in 2015 Mr. Hargreaves returned as principal, and remains there until this day.   Norman Carter has been, and will continue to be a first rate educational center, serving the youth of today for many years to come. ​