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Norman Carter Elementary School
School Division No. 202
General Information

1. All students must ask permission before using a school telephone.

2. School staff will do all photocopying only. If anyone from the public would like to have copies made, the school secretary will make them.

3. Norman Carter is a “Green School”. Please try to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover.

4. Norman Carter School has beverages for sale within the school. Juice and Chocolate Milk sold at noon - 75¢.

5. Each student is responsible for bringing one box of Kleenex to school for the year.

6. There will be no drinks or food in the computer room. Students will be supervised while in the computer lab.

7. A reminder that the front of the school is staff parking. Visitor parking is on the east side of the school.

8. There is a LOST & FOUND box at the school. Unclaimed items at the end of the year will be given to charity. Parents are urged to check the box for lost items regularly.

9. Bicycles are to be placed in the bike racks, located east of the school.

10. When taking field trips or sporting events, a permission slip will be sent home. The slip must be returned in order for a student to attend.

11. Norman Carter staff meetings are held every 1st Tuesday of the month.

12. No notices or advertisements will be sent home with students through the school if it has some personal financial gain for the individual sending it.

13. No hats will be allowed in the classroom. Students are to remove their hats upon entering the school. No SUNFLOWER SEEDS, GUM or TRADING CARDS are allowed on school property.

14. The use of skateboards and roller blades has become very trendy, but because of safety reasons and liabilities from injuries, the use of these items is discouraged on school premises.

15. Physical Education is compulsory for all students unless excused (please send a note or phone the school to indicate reasons for non-participation). All students in the class are asked to accompany their class to the gym for administration reasons. Students must dress appropriately for gym to avoid discomfort during the class, as well as after the class. Gym dress should consist of shorts, t-shirt, and white-soled shoes for Grade 4-6 students only. Helmets are mandatory for all on ice activities (including skating, curling & broomball).

16. We ask that any students that bring “oriental noodles” for lunch, to please bring these in plastic (or other stable or non-spill) container, as spills involving these types of noodles occur very easily, are a risk to the student in terms of being burned by the hot water, and are very difficult to clean up when spilled on the floor. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

17. To help maintain the quality of the student desks, we ask that students refrain from putting stickers of any sort on any part of the desk. These stickers, while attractive to look at, do cause considerable damage to the surface finish of the desks, and are a great expense to the school to replace when they become damaged. Again, we appreciate student cooperation in this area.

18. In order to best serve our students during the lunch hour, we ask that all Town children go home for lunch, with such exceptions as special events in their classrooms. This will help to cut down on waiting time for microwaves, as well as reduce the time needed for students to clean up lunch rooms at the conclusion of meal time.

19. For the sake of peace of mind of our students, we discourage the use of cell phones, Ipods, MP3 players, or hand held gaming devices at the school, as this will prevent loss of these items. We thank our students for their cooperation in this regard.​