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McLurg High School
School Division No. 202
About McLurg

​McLurg High School challenges learners in a safe, supportive, and collaborative environment to empower all for lifelong learning and sucess.




“McLurg High Rules!” In addition to this statement being a motivator and rallying point for our student body, it also serves as the lead in to the four main principles we try to live by at McLurg. We feel that followingthese four principles will allow all students and staff at Mclurg to have a positive day-every day! They also will go towards ensuring success for all students both in class and with thier peers. These four main principles or Mclurg High rules are:


1. Be there- Be ready

2. Be Respectful

3. Be Responsible

4. Celebrate Success.



Students have a right to:

1. A meaningful education with challenging and adequate facilities.

2. Guidance in making career and program decisions.

3. Have a caring and encouraging teacher.

4. Be disciplined in a firm and fair way.

5. Participate in all available school activities.

6. Have projects, essays, reports, tests, and assignments evaluated and this evaluation outcome made known as quickly as possible.


Students have the responsibility to:

1. Show respect and courtesy to other students to permit learning and safety through understanding and cooperation.

2. Accept the leadership of the school staff and parents and to refrain from using inappropriate behaviour and language.

3. Work hard to meet the requirements of their courses.

4. Show respect and consideration for things shared, owned by others, or are of a personal nature.

5. Wear suitable clothing that is not distracting to, nor disrespectful of others.




Report cards will be sent out in November, February, April and June. Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews are scheduled for November and April. Sometimes, more frequent contact is required to monitor a student’s progress. Parents and teachers are encouraged to contact each other when student progress warrants it.




By 1911 the use of the Immigration Hall and the Court House were inadequate and overcrowded as school facilities, and a larger building had to be provided.

Early in 1912, the building project was approved and in June the building then under construction was named “The Tramping Lake School” since the school served the Tramping Lake District.

Shortly after the erection of the new school, the teaching of high school grades was commenced, and in 1914, a High School Board was set up.

Space in the school has been utilized for sixty years by patriotic, athletic, social and service organizations, as well as being a Normal School for training teachers, 1917 – 19, and an emergency hospital during the influenza epidemic of 1918. As need arose, a vocational wing was added in 1948.

In 1938, the school was named McLurg School in honour of the late Dr. R. A. McLurg, Wilkie’s first doctor, and long-time chairman of the School Board.

With rural school districts coming into Wilkie, attendance grew and in 1960 an adjoining school was completed and named Norman Carter in honour of a pioneer newspaper editor of the district.

In 1964, an auditorium – gymnasium was added to the north end of McLurg School to facilitate athletic and social activities of the student body and community.

In 1976, the present McLurg School opened.

From McLurg School we have graduated many students who have distinguished themselves in the business and professional world, and have brought honour to their town and school. A goodly number of students served their country during two World Wars. The institution had meant more than “Halls of Learning”; high ideals and lasting bonds of loyalty and friendship have been fostered which have set a pattern for honourable living.