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McLurg High School
School Division No. 202
Alert: Bus delays and cancellations Wilkie 1A (OnTime); Wilkie 2A (OnTime); Wilkie 3A (OnTime); Wilkie 4A (OnTime); Wilkie 5A (OnTime); Wilkie 6A (OnTime); Wilkie 8A (OnTime); Wilkie 9A (OnTime);

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May 23 - May 24
District Track and Field @ North Battleford
All Day
Jun 01 - Jun 02
Provincial Track and Field - Prince Albert
All Day
Jun 05
Junior District Golf - Spiritwood
All Day
Jun 07
Student Hall of Fame
All Day
Jun 12 - Jun 13
Grade 10 Field Trip - Regina
All Day
Jun 18 - Jun 19
Gr. 11 Field Trip - Cypress Hills
All Day
Jun 20
Grade 9 Field Trip - Saskatoon
All Day
Jun 26
Physics 30 Departmental
All Day
Jun 29
Grad 2018
All Day

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