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Hartley Clark Elementary School
Inspire, Challenge, Achieve
Living Sky School Division No. 202
Mr. C. Nesland



Art Links:


Famous Artists and their Art



Science  Websites:

NatGeo4Kids          WWF

Weather Underground - Spiritwood

Endangered Animals links: mammals that are endangered - to view more click on next page at the bottom)  (Another Canadian list)  (short list of Canadian species)

List of Constellations


Canadian Astronauts



Social 5/6 Websites:


Regional Economic Differences (a place to start)

Physical Map of Saskatchewan


International Relief/Development/Peace Organizations


Examples of Humanitarian Acts


Pearson - Social Studies 6

The World Factbook


National Geographic Kids


Landform Information:

First Nations, Inuit, Metis, Explorers:


Career Education:

Abilities Quiz


Essential Skills Indicator Try Level 1 (pre-test) of each Numeracy, Document Use and Reading, as well as complete the Working With Others checklist.

Work Preference Quiz

Explore Careers


Essential Skills Profiles


Career Crate


Search The National Occupational Classification 



Math Activities:

Grade 6 Math - great organized list of game/activities by outcome.

 Numbers & Operations Numbers & Operations Numbers & Operations Virtual Manipulatives

Mental Math



Problem Solving & Understanding


Place Value:


Express multiples / all the factors for a given number

Number & Pattern: Investigations


Math Dictionary



Math Skill Puzzlers



English Activities:


Grade 6 ELA - great list of ELA resources by outcome.

Grade 6 Subjects - list of resources by other subjects.

trading card

C.S. Lewis


Health 5:

food guide 

A&W -

McDonalds -

Burger King -


Dairy Queen -

Tim Horton's -

Subway -

Taco Time - (not a calculator)