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Hartley Clark Elementary School
Inspire, Challenge, Achieve
Living Sky School Division No. 202
School Routines

To help maintain order at Hartley Clark the following routines are taught to all students:

  • Bring your own lunch supplies (spoon, fork, etc) and warm up your food in your classroom microwave if required
  • Snacks & lunch are to be eaten in the classroom during scheduled breaks
  • Students are asked to switch their shoes and remove their caps at the entries
  • Drink at assigned water fountains
  • Use assigned washrooms
  • Walk on the right hand side of the hallway
  • The staffroom and offices are for adults only
  • Phone calls can only be made for very important reasons, with classroom teacher permission and supervised by the secretary.
  • Town students are dismissed after the buses have left
  • Bus students must have written permission or have parents contact the school before leaving the school premises.
  • A signed and dated note from a parent is needed if a student does not take the usual route home, for example switching buses, staying in town, etc.‚Äč