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Hartley Clark Elementary School
Inspire, Challenge, Achieve
Living Sky School Division No. 202
Student Handbook

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Hartley Clark Elementary School for the 2013 - 2014 school year. The school handbook is intended to provide families with information on our school’s organization, policies, procedures and services that may be of use to you throughout the school year. 
Children learn better when parents are interested and involved. I encourage you to be active participants in your child’s education and in our school: take an interest in the daily work of your children, read regularly to and with them, meet with the teachers and be an active participant in school functions.
We expect students at Hartley Clark Elementary will conduct themselves in an acceptable manner. We expect our students to be considerate, respectful and safe and we want them to enjoy being at school and to enjoy learning.
I wish all students a most successful year.

Mr. Rod Enns

Message from the School Community Council

On behalf of our local School Community Council we welcome all students to Hartley Clark Elementary School. The School Community Council (SCC) is a council that undertakes activities that will: enhance its understanding of our community’s economic, social and health needs, help set goals for our students’ learning  and act as a support for our school, parents, guardians and the community. The SCC will communicate annually to the parents, guardians and community its plans, initiatives and accomplishments. Hartley Clark’s SCC has six community and two administration members: Shawna Smith (Chair), Tanis Franson (Secretary), Brynn Bittner, Shannon Prescesky, Sue Kahl, Laurie Knot, a staff member (TBD) and Rod Enns. May you all have a safe and wonderful year at Hartley Clark.​