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Hartley Clark Elementary School
Inspire, Challenge, Achieve
Living Sky School Division No. 202
Consequences for Inappropriate Behaviour

Hartley Clark Elementary works to teach the seven virtues to students. Learning how to be fair, tolerant, kind, respectful, and demonstrating self-control, conscience and empathy takes time.  As we guide our students how to behave appropriately there will be times when they will make mistakes.

Where disciplinary action is necessary the range of consequences which follow will be directly related to the severity and frequency of the misbehavior. The following is an example of the progression:

  •  Student/teacher meeting
  •  Parent/teacher/student meeting  
  •  Removal from class
  •  Community service (clean-up around the school)
  •  Detention
  •  In – School Suspension
  • Out of School Suspension