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Hartley Clark Elementary School
Inspire, Challenge, Achieve
Living Sky School Division No. 202
Grade 4/5 Supply List - Mr. Buswell

1 pkg loose leaf (200 pages or more)

4 Hilroy (80 page) exercise books (no coils)

4 duotangs (red, green, yellow, blue)

1 black pocket folder

1 - 2” binder

8 white erasers with initials on them

60 pencils (Dixon or Papermate)

1 solid ruler

1 pkg. Pencil Crayons (Prang or Staedtler will last longer)

1 pair of gym runners (non-scuff)

2 boxes of kleenex

Staedtler pencil sharpener

3 small glue sticks

6 blue or black and 3 red ballpoint pens

1 highlighter

1 pair scissors (Fiskars are best)

1 pair of personal earbuds or headphones in a Ziploc bag


Please put names or initials on as many things as possible.​