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Connaught Elementary School
School Division No. 202
Nutrition Program

Here at Connaught School we believe that providing your child with nutritious food is integral to helping healthy brains and bodies grow. We offer a breakfast program every day before school starts, so that everyone has a chance to start their day without a hungry belly. There is no fee for the breakfast program. 

Connaught also offers a lunch program. You can purchase a lunch card from the office for $15 which will provide your child with 20 lunches.


What do the $15 meal cards give you?

  • Lunch every school day for only $0.75 per day
  • Meals high in nutrition including fruits and vegetables


What can you buy for $15.00/month (approximately) with the same nutritional value?

Text Box: • 2 chicken breasts $5.00  • 2 cucumbers $2.00

●    1 head of broccoli $3.00                    

●    4 bananas $2.00

●    2 cups of yogurt $3.00



Food for thought: Would this be enough food to make 20 meals for one family member?



Nutritional foods decrease the risk of:

●     Diabetes

●     High blood pressure

●     Heart disease

●     Obesity

●     High cholesterol

●     Poor school performance



As we still want to provide nutritious lunch meals for your children while they are at school, we are asking that you please bring the $15.00 payment for the meal card to the school.