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Cut Knife Elementary School
Living Sky School Division No. 202
School Improvement Project

We're trying to make CKES a more inviting, friendly, and effective learning place. There are many ways to do this but for now we're focusing on making some changes to the physical appearance of the school. 


The library continues to develop as a learning space. Or rather, a big place that has many little spaces within it. The library has always had lots of books on the stacks/shelves, tables and a reading pit. But, over the last few years we've moved some of the stacks and added two sitting areas, one for little folks and one for the bigger ones. This summer we've again moved some things and created some more learning spaces. First we moved some stacks and put up a white board with tables, added a few laptops and software, and added a listening station. We hope that these changes will allow our library to do an even better helping students learn.

Front Foyer / Entry

We wanted to create a positive entry area that would help people feel welcome at CKES. So, we moved out the student bootracks, they've been placed at other doors. So, the Front Entry WiLL NOT be used as a student entry, except for those that arrive late. The grade One's and Two's will use either the SouthEast or NorthWest doors. We invite all parents/caregivers, guests, and visitors to use the Main Entry, let our secretary know that you're here and use the Foyer to wait as needed. While you are waiting, please help yourself to a coffee/tea/water compliments of CKES.

OT Room (Old Computer Lab)

When we moved to 1-1 ipads at the school, the computers were moved out of the computer lab and it has been used as an extra classroom, mostly for OT activities, but also for individual students receiving extra support. Unfortunately, the counters that the computers were on weren't removed. Well, guess what, they have now been removed and some much needed storage shelves were installed. This will add to the space in the room and allow us to have multiple working areas in this classroom.

Interior Painting

Keeping the school clean is a big task that is very important to developming a positive environment. One key aspect of that is having freshly painted walls. This summer the library, boys bathroom, staff room, offices and several classrooms received a fresh coat of paint.