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Cando Community School
School Division No. 202
School Goals

Goal 1 - By June 2018, all grade 1-6 students will be reading at grade level on the F&P Benchmarking System.

Goal 2 - By June 2018, all grade 7 to 9 students will increase their reading abilities by 1 grade level using the F&P Benchmarking System.

Goal 3 - By June 2018, all students will obtain a minimum of 8 credits in each of their high school years.

Goal 4 - By June 2018, all students k-6 will be able to identify a piece of writing which exhibits organization achieving proficiency or mastery in accordance with rubrics correlating to the writing skills continuum.

Goal 5- By June 2018, middle years and high school teachers will build positive relationships with students through mentorship and discursive strategies.‚Äč