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Living Sky School Division No. 202
Growth Without Limits, Learning For All
School Division No. 202
Leanne Merkowsky

Learning Consultant: Career Education


leanne.jpgPreparing students with the essential skills and competencies they need to achieve their potential in all aspects of life is where my passion lies.  Helping students become more aware of themselves, their interests and what drives them enables them to make wise career choices that will ultimately shape their futures.  My specialty areas are: Career Development, Differentiated Instruction, Backward Planning (UbD), Practical Applied Arts, and Curriculum/Resource Support.
Portfolio information can be found here. 
Contact Information:
p. 306-937-7936
Smooth Transitions
Ensuring a smooth transition from school to work or school to post-secondary studies is crucial for students.  Providing authentic learning tasks and preparing them for what lies ahead relieves much stress and allows them to experience success.  Connecting students to ‘experts’ through such programs as job shadowing and CWE makes learning fun, engaging and relevant. 
Student Services
 A career counselor is available in each of our high schools to help students in such areas as scholarship applications, post-secondary requirements, credit checks, portfolio development, job shadowing, career testing, and individual counseling.
 Career Development Goals
Career Education aims to assist students in developing essential and transferable skills while deepening their understanding of ‘self’.  It enables them to make informative choices as they construct their work and life career, while celebrating their learning in a safe, supportive and caring environment.  Career Education is cross-curricular and encompasses all grade levels.
Establishing partnerships with business, post-secondary education, industry and community based organizations allows our students to make connections with the ‘real world’ and benefit from ‘experts’ in the field.  Students build deeper understanding through positive role modeling, an exploration of local occupations and an awareness of today’s job market.