Learning Consultant – Assessment & Data 


Data doesn't have to be scary!

As teachers, we're used to collecting evidence of our students' learning, but it should be used for so much more.  Using assessments strategically saves you time and helps students learn more.  Plan ahead, assess a variety of ways, and be truly open to what the data tells you.  Feel free to review some of my content... or get me a shout.

​My primary focus areas are planning, assessment design, continuous improvement, and data analysis.  I'm also the division facilitator for the SWIS behaviour tracking system.

(e) douglas.drover@lskysd.ca

(o) 306-937-7956






 A primer on using data in the classroom and school, mostly to whet your apetite.Fun With Data.pptx

 A place to start when you need to have or lead data conversations. Facilitating Data Conversations.pptx

 An introduction to using Excel in your class (with sample Excel files).  Sensational Spreadsheets.pptxSpreadsheets.zip


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