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Living Sky School Division No. 202
Growth Without Limits, Learning For All
School Division No. 202
Writer's Workshop

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    workshop model.png              writers workshop.JPG

Writers Workshop Power Point: 

writers workshop .pptx

Posssible text forms:

Text forms.docx

Writer's Workshop Planning documents

Writers workshop planning template .docx

writers workshop writing invitations template.docx


Grade 1 ELA, Treaty Ed, Arts Ed, Health​​​​:

a pomise is a promise.jpg

writers workshop A Promise is a Promise.docx

Writing pics and prompts a promise is a promise.docx

Grade 2 ELA, Treaty Ed, Arts Ed​: 

giving tree.jpg

writers workshop The Giving Tree.docx

Writing pics and prompts the giving tree.docx

Grades 1-2 ELA, Gr 1 Life Science, Gr 1 Social Studies​:  

small goldfish.jpg

writers workshop memoirs of a goldfish.docx

Pics and Prompts memoirs of a goldfish.docx

Grade 3 ELA / Treaty Ed​​: 

when I was eight.jpg


writers workshop When I was eight.docx

writers workshop writing invitations When I was eight.docx

Chalk Talk visible thinking activity for When I was Eight.docx

See think wonder residential schools.docx

pics and prompts when I was eight.docx

Read like a writer When I was Eight .docx

Grade  3 ELA / Poetry:                                                     

                  national geographic poetry.jpg

writers workshop grade 3 poetry unit.docx

poetry prompts.docx

Nature poetry word lists.docx

Adjectives Vocabulary Word List.docx

Grade 4 Drama / ELA/Treaty Ed/Social Studies​​: 

wild ideas.jpg

Non Fiction 

Writers workshop wild ideas step inside.docx

Grade 5/6 ELA/Treaty Ed/Social Studies​​:

fatty legs.jpg


writers workshop Fatty Legs.docx

Writing package grades 6 and 7.docx

Connecting the EET to fatty legs.docx

Note:  Grade 6 writing workshop package above contains See, Think, Wonder and Read Like a Writer activities for Fatty Legs.​