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Item Contents More Info…
iPod Kit22 iPods with chargersOlder iOS – 6.1.6 (great for taking and modifying photos)
Green Screen KitPortable Green Screen, tripod with iPad attachments (full size and mini iPad) 
Camera Kit 112 Sony digital cameras 7.2 MP with 12 USB cables Requires AA batteries - not included
Camera Kit 215 Cameras (7 Sony, 8 HP)
3 Sony USB Cables; 4 USB Cables
Requires AA batteries - not included
Flip Video Cameras19 USB Flip Video CamerasRequires AA batteries - not included
Gizmos & Gadgets ElectronicsSeveral power sources, inputs, wires, and outputs that can be arranged and rearranged in millions of combinations to make all sorts of machines. 
Snap Circuits LightSee what your music can do with the new Snap Circuits LIGHT. Connect your ipod or any MP3 player and enjoy your music as the lights change to the beat 
Arduino Starter KitThe ability to program tiny computers call microcontrollers. 
Makey MakeyIncludes alligator clips and USB cable. Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. 
Raspberry PiA credit card-sized single-board computer useful for teaching basic computer programming 
Wheels - ENGBoxIncluded are mdf wheels, plastic dragster wheels, card disk wheels, super wheels, and dowel to be used as axles.  
Electricity ENGBoxAn assortment of motors, bulbs, sockets and much more comes in a handy divided utility case. Items included are batteries, batter holders, various bulbs, various sockets, buzzers, motors, switches, and hook-up wire.  
Pulleys and Gears ENGBoxAssorted sizes of pulleys, motor pulleys, assorted gears, worm gears, grear racks, and dowel.  
A robotic ball gaming device that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing of your smartphone or tablet. Compatible with both iOS and Android.
Ozobot Starter Kit
A tiny robot, measuring 1 inch in height and diameter, which comes with a photo sensor array. for recognition of patterns, lights, colors, and codes, and color sensing technology.
Software Requirements:

Windows: Requires Logger Lite. Self-install from the Software Installer on the Desktop

ChromeBook: Download the Graphical Analysis App for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store


One of each of the following:

  • Current Probe
  • Barometer
  • UVA/UVB Sensor
  • Relative Humidity Sensor
  • Soil Moisture Sensor

Requires Go!Link USB Sensor Interface or LabQuest Mini interface - request when borrowing
Blood Pressure SensorIncluded:
Blood pressure sensor
Standard adult size adjustable cuff (27 cm to 39 cm)
Bulb pump (with release valve)
Blood pressure sensor booklet
USB Go!Link sensor interface

Hand Grip Heart Rate Monitor

A set of hand grips, a plugin, receiver and a USB Go!Link sensor interface. Instruction leaflet. 
Differential Voltage Probe Kit9 Sensors  
9 Go!Link  USB interface

Light Sensor - sign out individually5 sensors
5 Go!Link USB interface

PHP Sensor Kit5 sensors
5Go! Link USB interface
Go!Wireless Temp Teacher Pack
Temperature Sensors (iPad)
10 sensors with chargerInstall the Graphical Analysis app (free) on each iOS mobile device.
Go!Temp: Temperature Probes Set 1
10 Go!Temp Probes
Book: Middle School Science with Vernier
Book: Let's Go!  Investigating Temperature: Elementary Science Activities Using Vernier Go!Temp

Plug Go!Temp directly into your computer or Chromebook USB port to start collecting real-time temperature data. No Interface required

Go!Temp: Temperature Probes Set 212 Sensors; binder with Temperature Learning Activities; Book – Middle Years Science

Plug Go!Temp directly into your computer or Chromebook USB port to start collecting real-time temperature data. No Interface required

Motion Detector Kit 14 GoMotion Motion Detectors with USB input
No interface required
GPS Kit4 GPS with booklet and quick starter leaflet; Book –GPS for Dummies (2008) and DVD The Complete Guide to GeoCaching

Require 2 AA batteries


ProScope HRHandheld microscope with 50X lensDownload ProScope HR from the Software Installer on the desktop
Agriculture in the Classroom Kit X 2Chock-o-block full of good stuff! Crop activity kit, books, kitchen mill, manure milkshake, soil kit, by-products kit, posters and videos.It's a big tub!
iPad Stand  (Justand V2e  )The Justand transforms your iPad® into a scanner, a document camera, a video camera holder, a video conference center, a music stand, an iPad® podium and much more!