​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Kindergarten Social Studies


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Kindergarten Social Studies
SOC.INK.1Demonstrate an understanding of similarities&differences among individuals in the classroom
SOC.INK.2 Describe the diversity of groups represented in the classroom.
SOC.DRK.1 Describe the spatial relationships among people, places, & environments.
SOC.DRK.2 Explore examples of promises made through actions&words, & importance of keeping promises.
SOC.DRK.3 Analyze ways in which place & physical systems influence daily life of all.
SOC.PAK.1Understand & respect the agreed-upon rules of the classroom, playground, and school.
SOC.PAK.2Recognize situations where disagreements & their resolutions are a part of living together.
SOC.RWK.1 Examine ways of managing tasks & resources in families and schools.
SOC.RWK.2 Develop and demonstrate stewardship of the environment in daily actions.