​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Kindergarten ELA


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Kindergarten ELA
ELA.CRK.1 Use inquiry to understand, respond & make personal connections to a variety of texts.
ELA. CRK.2 Recognize, understand & connect with the visual messages in their environment.
ELA.CRK.3 Listen,understand & share to gain meaning in texts read aloud.
ELA.CRK.4 Understand, retell & share basic ideas in fictional & non-fiction texts read aloud.
ELA.CCK.2Create symbols, pictures &dramatizations to communicate feelings & ideas in different ways.
ELA.CCK.3 Talk with others for a variety of reasons.
ELA.CCK.4 Create messages using pictures, symbols & letters.
ELA.ARK.1 Reflect on all Language Arts areas through teacher-led discussions.
ELA.ARK.2 Celebrate new learning.